Anker cable & power bank

Anker cable battery

Have you ever heard about Anker? Anker produces technical accessories for iPhone, Mac and more.

I found out about them while planning my trip to India in February, when I was looking for an external battery source to provide extra power for my iPhone. Additionally I needed a new lightning cable for the trip and I found out that Anker offers a more durable version with a space-gray nylon jacket.



Anker was founded by a team of Googlers, whose approach was to make Tech Gear smarter in order to enjoy an easier life. Read more about them here. Anker, with a high concentration on customer needs and without losing focus on quality, became my first choice for tech gear and Mac/iPhone accessories.

The Anker product portfolio is packed with batteries & chargers, hubs & readers, cases and even keyboards.



The first thing I like about Anker is its obvious attention to detail and packaging. You will find clever notes displayed all over the package. Additionally, both packages are also made of eco-friendly cardboard.



verpackung_4 Kopie

If you open the first layer of the package you will find the „Welcome Guide“ inside with more information about the product and Anker.






The cable provides the same function as the normal lightning cable by Apple. You can easily sync and charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad with the heat-resistant connectors. The jacket of the cable is made of nylon, which offers some extra protection for the cable especially at the ends (where Apple cables are likely to break).

Connector_1 Connector_2

You can chose between space grey, silver and gold for the cables with nylon. Anker also offers colored ones (white, black, green, red, blue, yellow).


The lightning cable by Anker is 10 cm shorter than the original one by Apple which isn’t a minus for me–it could be even shorter. The size of the connectors is pretty much the same as the Apple ones, but the lightning side is 2 mm thicker. This should fit most of the cases on the market.

Unfortunately I damaged the cable on my trip; I will see whether or not it gets worse. By the way, Anker says the cable has 4000+ bend lifespan.



The Anker Astro Mini is an external power bank that gives your iPhone extra power for 1½ charges. Anker manufactures the power bank in black, silver, blue, pink or gold aluminum shells. The charging of the 3200mAh power bank takes 3-5 hours but the charging of the phone is comparable to charging it via cable and USB. The package comes with a small travel pouch for the product. It looks decently made but I haven’t used it yet.


The power bank has 2 connectors—one USB for the connection with your phone or tablet, and one micro USB for charging the power bank. In addition to that you can find a small button for turning the power bank on. The button also works as an indicator light: green light means it’s on, yellow light means you need to charge it again. The rest of the product is pretty plain, except of the Anker logo and some descriptions on the bottom side.


The IQ technology detects your device to deliver the fastest possible charge speed, up to 1 amp.


The power bank is actually quite small; it is 9,5 cm long and has a diameter of 2,3 cm. The Website from Anker mentions „Lip-stick size” which is pretty optimistic in my opinion because I have never seen such a huge lipstick… but then again I also haven’t seen a lot of lipsticks. The product is very light for such a device, weighing only 80g.

I would love to see only one USB connector, instead of the USB and micro USB, on the power bank. This would make for such a cleaner, less technical look.



I think the Anker lightning cable is a very good, cheaper alternative to the native hardware from Apple, especially because of the special nylon jacket.The power bank provides a pretty good service, is light, and well made. Unfortunately I can’t compare it to other power banks on the market due to a lack of experience.

Both products are affordable, and Anker is definitively worth checking out when you are searching for new tech gear and accessories.

All photos were taken by myself with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with a Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN lens.

I made this honest review for my own purpose, Anker hasn’t paid or booked me for this.