Jabra Rox Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

After trying out different earphones with cables, I had the opportunity to test the Jabra ROX Wireless Earphones for more than two weeks. Is this the solution for tangled earbud wires? And can their technology compete with other products on the market?


Jabra is a Danish manufacturer of headsets, earphones and wireless products designed for athletes, music lovers and office-based users.
Find out more about the history of Jabra here.
Their sports segment is specialized so you can buy earphones for running, cross-training or fitness, but I can’t image that they are so different. In addition to the earphones, Jabra also offers an App to track your training sessions. The Jabra Rox wireless earphones are part of the music section.


The package 2

The package 3

The package 4

The packaging of the Jabra Rox is a pretty solid and gentle box with a magnetic closing mechanism. My personal favorite is the embossed picture of the Jabra Rox and the embossed product title on the front.
On the inside you’ll find information about the product written in a nice gray font with well-chosen icons. The package has a great look and feel with high quality material, but compared with the content of the package the whole box seems way too big. The box could easily be half as big as it is currently.

The box contains 8 EarGels in 4 different sizes and 3 different EarWings, to ensure a perfect fit.


The Jabra Rox

The Jabra Rox 3

The Jabra Rox 2

Bluetooth technology could be the solution for tangled cables, but with the new technology other problems appear. For example, the earphones require a battery that makes them heavier than normal. In addition to that, the need to be recharged. I could only listen to five hours of music before the battery gave up, which is actually a solid amount of time. But as somebody who is not accustomed to recharging his wireless earphones, being on the road without music could easily occur. (I was carrying my old earbuds with me the entire time after this happened.) A full recharge takes almost two hours via the included USB cable. The integrated Bluetooth transmitter allows for cable-free communication within a radius of 10 meters – probably an industry standard.

A very smart feature is the auto-pause system. You just have to stick the earbuds together on the magnetic side to turn them off automatically—and separate them to turn them on again.



The earphones themselves are made of stainless steel and plastic, which gives them a very nice look and feel. All in all, the Jabra Rox Wireless Earphones seem to have a high quality.
I have had serious issues with the fit for other earphones, but the Jabra Rox offered a perfect fit. No falling out or poor sound due to a bad positioning of the speakers. By the way, these were the first in-ear headphones I could try with such a great fit—outstanding.

Compared with my old EarPods by Apple, the Jabra Rox are significantly heavier. This is not a problem during short sessions up to 30 minutes, but after that there was slight pressure which made it hard for me to enjoy the music anymore.


The cable

The cable that connects the 2 earphones is 55 cm long and is made of Kevlar, which gives them a very nice feeling in hand. A Fitclip is also included but I did not find the purpose for using it.


Control system

The control system is integrated into the cable, and provides the common functions for listening to music and taking calls.


The pairing process is very easy. You just have to hold the button in the middle for a few seconds until you see the blue light (Bluetooth search mode). All in all, fast and easy.
I also liked the fact that you could see the battery status on the display of the smartphone.


The earphones

The sound is still the most important thing about earphones.
The mids and the highs are clear and accurate all the way through different genres. The bass also makes a very good performance. The sounds depend heavily on the fit of the earphones. Only a perfect fit will provide a high-class sound.


The storage pouch

The storage pouch isn’t particularly special, but still a nice add-on for the total package.


The conclusion

I enjoyed the materials used and the sound produced by the earphones a lot! Also the fact that there was no cord clutter anymore makes the Jabra Rox Wireless Earphones a perfect companion for short music sessions. But due to the weight of the earphones and the fact that you have to recharge them after a few hours, I won’t be switching to the Jabra Rox just yet—the search for the perfect earphones goes on.


All photos were taken by myself with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with a Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN lens.

I made this honest review for my own purpose, Jabra hasn’t paid or booked me for this.