Muroexe Supercell


A shoe that not only fits perfectly, but also perfectly fits every occasion is hard to come by these days. Thanks to the recent release of the Muroexe Supercell collection, there’s a new shoe on the block that you can wear for just about every situation.

For a casual look with fitted jeans or dressed up to complete that summer suit, chic or urban, it’s not a problem. The Supercell from Muroexe has you covered.



The Supercell shoe was released by the Spanish company Muroexe. I first became aware of the brand after a friend sent me Muroexe’s first promotional video, titled H.O.P.E.

I appreciated that it wasn’t like all the other fashion videos circulating around, of young people having ‚the time of their lives‘. Instead, the brand gives off a sincere feeling of authenticity and realness. Muroexe was founded by Esme Martín and Roberto Heredia in January 2012. With a focus on functionality, simplicity, and contemporariness, they create their shoes in Europe from vegan materials. Most of their shoes are even produced locally in Spain by a family business.

After creating more than 1500 sketches with 120 designs, Muroexe have whittled the selection down to just four different shoe models. Compared with other shoe brands, that’s obviously not many. But that’s also what makes them unique – Muroexe want to produce and sell selected timeless products, rather than release products hastily in response to short-term trends.







Yes, it is a sneaker, but it also much much more than that. With the silhouette of a classic sneaker combined with the pureness of a dress shoes, the ‚Supercell‘ is ready for every outfit. The Supercell collection is available in seven different colorways. The white colorway is accompanied by three different grey tones – two at the sole and one darker grey tone on the inside of the shoe. The tones complement one another perfectly. No detail decision was left untouched on this shoe – everything has a function (I found the triangle shaped lace eyelets particularly nice).



One word – simple

Clear lines and solid colours, with nothing that distracts. No fancy cuts or patterns here – perfection is an understatement. The Supercell collection has succeeded in making superfluity a thing of the past. Due to the shape, one’s foot might appear smaller but you don’t have to worry about the fit being too tight in the toe area.




Muroexe use waterproof PVC for the upper. The material gives the shoe a bold futuristic look without being loud.

The sole is made from polyethylene and polyurethane, which actually act like a firm foam to give the shoe a light feel and clear finish.



The Supercell is very light, so light that you might not even notice that you’re wearing them. Their fit is true to size and the materials used are selected to support your feet in the best way.



You can wear your Supercells with anything, and to just about anything. Jeans, Joggers, Chinos, Shorts – let them complete your look.



The Supercell is the result of a very well thought out creation process and fits in perfectly in any urban surrounding, like Berlin or Stockholm. No matter when or where you want to wear them, the Supercells definitely won’t leave you hanging high and dry.


All photos were taken by myself with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with a Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN lens.

The Supercell has been sent by Muroexe but this has had no effect on the review.