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 terrorists of beauty product

As the skin is our biggest organ, it is essential to pay attention to what you are making contact with. While multiple plastic shampoo bottles were dominating in the bathroom a long time, classic soap bars are having a comeback.


terrorists of beauty packaging

terrorists of beauty is a label founded and lead by Maria del Mar Navajas Garcia and Natalie Richter in Hamburg in 2018. They understand their business as an eco-movement starting on the skin. Their mission is „to stay radically natural in all regards.“

terrorists of beauty mission

Their main business is the production and distribution of plastic free, chemical free, vegan soap bars. The ingredients of these soaps allow you to replace your shampoo, shower gel and facial cleaner in the bathroom with just one product.

terrorists of beauty packaging

On their website they also sell soap holders made from concrete and a wonderful metallic re-usable razor. You can find their products in eco concept stores, pharmacies and drugstores across Germany.

terrorists of beauty product overview

As I couldn’t find the soap in a shop in Berlin I ordered the soap blocks directly on their website. The blocks were wrapped using paper only and were shipped without any plastic. The packaging is made from fsc-certified paper and is printed co2-neutral in Germany. As terrorists of beauty takes their social responsibility very serious, their products are rapped and shipped by hand in a workplace for people with disabilities at stiftung mensch.


soap bars

Currently terrorists of beauty offer four different handmade and bio certified soaps in intense eye popping colors. For the review I tested three of them.

Natural soap with coconut coal + cedar oil

block 001

Natural soap with grape seed oil

block 002

Natural soap with curcuma + cocoa

block 004

The fourth product is natural soap with shea butter. All of them are applicable for the body. Some can be used also for the face and hair or even booth.

three blocks

The single blocks are made from 4 to 15 natural ingredients like spring water and high-quality oils.

soap bars side view

On their website they explain their product process as follows:
In a meticulous cold stir process they are saponified with the help of soda lye. Thanks to low temperatures during the production process, the nourishing virtues of the ingredients are preserved followed by several weeks of ripening maturation before they are perfect to use. The special scent of our soaps is based on a traditional indian process where over several days ayurvedic essences are developed using natural plant and herbal extracts.


three blocks

After using the soap bars for two weeks now I’m convinced that I will continue to use the products from terrorists of beauty. My favorite is the soap based on coconut coal as I really like the smell of it. All three of them are very gentle on the skin.

terrorists of beauty conclusion

It has never been easier to support great business and leaders with your consumption choices. For me terrorists of beauty is a supreme example of a label that takes care of their social responsibility and even helps others to do something good by reducing the plastic in their households. They offer products that are not just good for you but also for the environment as it leaves no traces in landscapes or water. And the best way to clean the ocean is to not even polluting it.

All photos were taken by myself with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 with a Sigma 30mm F2.8 DN lens.

I made this honest review for my own purpose, terrorists of beauty hasn’t paid or booked me for this.